Thursday, 21 February 2013

Herring Bones

Herringbone has to be one of my favourite stitches. Especially raised herringbone band. I did a lot of that in previous TAST challenges. Here, instead of a satin stitch foundation, I have used other stitches then "herringboned" on top. You get a nice effect of appliqued braid.
(Click on photo for bigger image)
Row 1 is laced herringbone
Row 2 is herringbone over cretan
Row 3 is herringbone over chevron
Row 4 is herringbone over laced chevron
The background fabric is fine scraps of wool roving (sliver) and silk needlefelted to a piece of eco felt by machine, then machine quilted.
I am planning to participate in the Design Challenges, so there may well be more of these samples!

TAST 2013

Sharon Boggon's Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge will continue to run this year, with a few changes. You can find out all about it here on Sharon's blog. I didn't keep up too well with TAST 2012, partly because I was busy and away for quite a while - I think the Design Challenge may suit me better this year. I'm looking forward to it.