Sunday, 16 August 2015

Cretan, fly and a few more!

I love fabric and I hate to waste it, so every so often I go through my box of "bits" and make up a few of these little things ready for embellishing. These are made from offcuts left over from doll making. Sometimes I will just pick a couple out, take myself of into a corner and sit and stitch quietly, embroidering with stranded cotton, in a world of my own. For me, it's as good as meditation or a sound bath.

Bonnet and Basque stitch, with running stitch:

Cretan and running stitch:

Chevron, fly and running stitch:

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Until I finish my "special TAST2014 cloth", I can at least put up a few stitches that I've recently used, here, on my latest piece of work.

(Click on photo for bigger image)

These little figures "wear" a selection of the TAST stitches so far.

FLY stitch used to decorate a row of CRETAN.



Tast 2015!

I've been preparing a cloth for TAST2015, but it's taking me longer than I thought it would.

 (Click on photo for bigger image)

It's a piece of hand-dyed cotton that I've been wondering what to do with for ages. Those oval shapes are trellis stitch on a foundation of buttonhole. I did a bit more last night, but it's quite a big piece of cloth and there's still a fair amount to do, so not ready for while. Once it's done, I should have a nice list of stitches to get me going!

UPDATE: life and motivation in general intervened and I didn't get this finished, or manage to start on TAST15. However, I've found more time now and I'm recycling it for another project. More later.