Saturday, 17 April 2010

TAST 2010 - 2 in 1

I almost missed the buttonhole wheel bullion flower - I wasn't keen on the stitch, probably because I didn't have a use for it. But when I saw the work done by other Tasters, I thought I really ought to have at least one sample. I put one in with the latest challenge, rope stitch.

(click on photo for bigger image)

The fabric is a piece of muslin that I used as a slop cloth beneath a nappy (diaper) liner marbled with oil paints. First I stitched a circle in knotted buttonhole, just because I liked that stitch so much. Then I did two smaller circles in buttonhole stitch, and I finished one in trellis and one in bullion knots. I decided that although I wanted a raised effect, I didn't like them 'sticking up', so I tied them both down with fly stitches.

Then I did another circle in rope stitch in perle cotton and some lines in 3 strands of embroidery floss.

In an attempt to be both economical and co-ordinated, you can just see that I've done another circle in rope stitch, ready for the next few weeks.

Then I got bored sitting in front of the TV, and filled up some of the spaces with bullion and french knots, fly stitch and back stitch, just to keep my hands busy.


Shirley said...

Love your interpretations of the stitches Kay Susan, and the colours are all bright and beautiful.

shirley said...

I found the rope stitch hard to make even as well

shirley said...

Hi again Kay Susan, I couldnt find somewhere to make a general comment..thanks for your comments on my work. The needleturned applique wasn't too bad..I did an initital workshop...of one day ....but I only did the simple ones, the further you went the more complicated the things became...the finished articles though are stunning.