Sunday, 3 January 2010

TAST 2007 - barred chain stitch

Here's my sample for TAST Barred Chain.

(Click on photo for bigger image)

I did the hand stitching in variegated perle and stranded cotton, and crochet cotton.

The fabric was scraps of organza and chiffon needlepunched to a washing up cloth. Then I straight stitch 'quilted' it on the sewing machine and finished off with lengths of fancy knitting yarn needlepunched on top. I've backed it with a piece of gold coloured satin and neatened the edges with a programmed machine stitch. I'll probably fold and stitch it into a little box.

I did, here it is:

(Click on photo for bigger image)

As for barred chain stitch. This was a new stitch for me. I think it will have to go into the 'tried it once and didn't like it' category. I don't know why, it just seems to me to be a very untidy stitch, although I do like the way it goes round in a circle. I think the CQers will like this stitch a lot more than I do!

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shirley said...

Kay, your work just takes my breath away everything is gorgeous.