Sunday, 3 January 2010

TAST 2007 - eyelets

I'm not very pleased with this.

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The fabric is a piece of wool and polyester curtain interlining with a very pronounced weave that I used in the bottom of a tray to catch the drips when I was dyeing some stranded cottons. I used it as evenweave. The stitching is done in stranded cotton and perle. The stitches are too loose on the largest eyelet. I mangled it to a piece of craft vilene with the embellisher, but it slipped so it isn't straight. For some reason, I found counting these very difficult.

Could do better.....

Eyelets in pulled work.

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The fabric is dyed butter muslin, very fine. The thread is DMC variegated stranded cotton. This is a good example of how they get a bit wobbly if you use too many stitches. Also, I should have used less strands for the smaller eyelets. I think I'll have to go away and do it again!

TAST's more like it..............

I've added another section to my Develop a Personal Library of Stitches sampler. I took this 6 week course last year and really enjoyed it. My sampler had nine sections in all, so I'm occasionally finishing it off with TAST stitches.

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At last I managed to count those diamond eyelets, but there was an awful lot of unpicking involved. I plan to see if stitching them through a piece of net makes it any easier - I think my brain just doesn't work on the diagonal.

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I tried it and it works. The net is hexagonal, so it's like the isometric paper you use for planning hexagonal patchwork designs.

For me, this week's TAST efforts have not been an altogether unqualified success!

Oh dear! Even more eyelets...

TAST should carry a health warning.....this activity may be habit forming and some weeks may carry a serious risk of addiction!

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The background fabric for this is window cleaner's scrim. The window cleaner washes it before use to remove the dressing and make it soft and absorbent. I've left the dressing in it, so it is almost like coarse canvas to stitch on. The stitching is done in variegated stranded and perle cotton, crochet cotton, crewel wool and torn muslin strips. I threaded a length of toning twisted cord through some of the eyelets. I managed to loosen up a bit here and didn't worry quite so much about counting or perfect placing of the stitches! This sample is in a 6 inch hoop.

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