Sunday, 3 January 2010

TAST 2007 - buttonhole stitch

This week's stitch for Take a Stitch Tuesday is BUTTONHOLE. (here's the link for the TAST Flickr Group:

Its one of my favourite stitches because it is so versatile. Here it is on a box I made some time ago.

Buttonhole stitch worked in rows and around curtain rings. The edges of the box sections are buttonholed and laced together where they meet.

Buttonhole stitch used to couch down other threads.
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I decided to add the TAST Week 2 buttonhole stitch to the sampler I started during Sharon B's Personal Library of Stitches Course on Joggles last year. I have two more sections on the sampler to complete after this one.

(Visit Sharon's Blog to find out about TAST and the Joggles Course: here ).

I have room for three or four more rows on this section.

Buttonhole gets bolder

Here's my completed effort for TAST week 2 - buttonhole stitch:

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Worked mostly in wool on evenweave natural linen, with some cotton perle, metallic thread and fancy knitting yarn.

The first three rows concentrate on using different heights of the stitch to make patterns.
The last three rows are laced together with herringbone, laced in turn with a contrasting colour.
The middle of the last three rows is buttonhole stitch worked 'head to toe' to make a row of dense stitching with knotted edges.

...and a bit more buttonhole

Buttonhole is often used for insertion stitches. I tried some out without the insertion bit and found that they make nice patterns. The bottom row was buttonhole head to toe, with tied herringbone over the top and finally french knots.

Then I got out a piece of felt, some shaded stranded cotton, some left over bits of crochet cotton and did a bit of freestyle, just for a change.

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....even more buttonhole

Well, I couldn't leave all those gaps, could I?

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Maybe I should get out more?

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