Sunday, 3 January 2010

TAST 2007 - cretan stitch

I used one of my 'embellisher bits' to make a postcard with cretan stitch.

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The background is a piece of dyed and boiled wool blanket. The pink motif was left over from an earlier project and is a piece of pink washing up cloth with threads bonded to it. It looks like felt, but I found it tends to flake a bit when it is needle punched. The purple bit underneath the motif is a scrap of silk. The cretan stitch is all done in stranded cotton.

Another postcard

I made this fibre postcard with a piece of my practice embellisher fabric. Cretan stitch is one of my favourites - I like it because it is versatile and has a rhythm to it.

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The fabric is a piece of a kind of polyester poplin, (feels very plasticky, I wouldn't want to wear it) sponged over with bronzing powder mixed with fabric medium. I needlepunched pieces of dyed and discharged velvet on to it with the machine. The bright patches were punched from the top, the less distinct ones were punched from the back. Then I needlepunched the rest of the piece from the back. The needles pushed the fibres of the blue polyester through the fabric paint and left a textured surface. The cretan stitch accents are worked in stranded cotton and some of them are laced with metallic thread. Finally, I stitched it to a piece of craft vilene and zizagged on some fancy yarn to make a corded edge.

This sample shows the versatility of this stitch:

(Click on photo for bigger image)

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