Sunday, 3 January 2010

TAST 2007 - detached chain stitch

I use this stitch a lot, but not usually on its own. I'm finding it difficult to do a 'resolved' sample exclusively in detached chain. So far, I have just been doodling, getting the feel of the stitch. I marked some guidelines with a 'spray away' pen and I forgot to remove them before I took the photo.

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My favourite bit is the criss-cross couching with long tailed detached chain at the top.

Still wrapped in chains...

Still playing around with detached chain. This sample also includes buttonhole and wrapping:

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I wanted to have a go at Sharon B's padded detached chain and detached chain medallions. The background is a piece of hand dyed, discharged and painted muslin. Stitching is in perle cotton, crochet cotton and variegated stranded cotton. The wrapped piece is string wrapped with fancy silk and cotton knitting yarn. There's lot of room left yet for more stitching, beads, embellishments.............................

I continued with this, adding some herringbone stitch, some more detached chain and finally some cretan stitch. I resisted temptation for a while, but eventually I gave in and added some glitz - gold ribbon and metallic thread. I think perhaps it has got a little BUSY!

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Datched chain, some examples:

I did these a while ago but there are some good examples of using detached chain,
here in the tree foliage

.............and here in the tree foliage, the bluebell flowers and also the bluebell leaves:

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